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Close-Up: GReddy Nissan 35RX


Bear with me on this post; there’s a possibility that I could still be a little intoxicated.  I’ll keep the grammar in check as best as I can.  It seems like Nissan has lost the battle in trying to keep the R35 GTR a machine that needs no modification.  In the hands of the Japanese elite tuners, nothing is sacred.  Take, for example, the GReddy 35RX; a machine so deconstructed, that it retains little to no trace of the original form.  I want to show you something pretty amazing – so click past the break.

Event: R’s Meeting 2011 – Fuji Speedway v.1


Have you ever had one of those months that seems to last only a few days?  Between work and my unnatural, incessant need to constantly be inside of an airplane, it feels as if I haven’t been home for more than a few hours each week.  It shows in the site traffic too; so here to remedy this is the first installment of the GT-R Magazine R’s Meeting 2011 at Fuji Speedway.  I gave you a preview of JDM Clips’ coverage when I posted the Encounter with Auto Gallery Yokohama’s R32, but past the break is the first round of event coverage.  Enjoy.