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Feature: The Future of Time Attack – Yasuhiro Ando’s RX-7

I recently read a somewhat contradictory article published on a popular website that surmised that there were no longer interesting cars in Japanese time attack, and how there has been a split in interest as nobody wants to build record setting cars any longer.  The article goes on by saying that while there are still plenty of mid-50 second cars at Tsukuba (ahem, breaking records), this lack of general interest in being the fastest is allowing companies to take advantage of a new market that caters to the hobbyist.  Of course this is an opinionated perception, albeit factually incorrect, and naturally everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it takes just a few minutes to see the holes in this side of the argument.

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Event: Mazda Fest 2016 – Tsukuba Circuit

Once every year, on July 7th, tuners and enthusiasts from around the country celebrate Mazda’s shining triumph of engineering.  The RX-7, to many, is so much more than a car; it’s an engineering marvel. The unique rotary motor a triangular pariah in a sea of ordinary, piston driven combustion.  The chassis of the FD so perfectly geared towards time attack, has become a symbol of the sport in Japan.  On this date, thousands will come together in honor of this car worldwide, with the epicenter being Tsukuba Circuit.