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Feature: Koyorad x NDF Street ISF V.7 – SOW CCW & TRD Series Round 3

Before I take off for Japan for the Summer, I was lucky enough to have one more opportunity to take the ISF to the track with all the tire issues finally sorted out.  I wasn’t able to get the stiffer springs on in time, however that may have actually worked out better for the baseline testing.

Close-Up: TRD Tuned FT-86


I wrote an initial draft up about 3 weeks ago for this close-up, but for some reason never got around to publishing it.  For that, I apologize, because this is one hell of a car.  One great day, at Tsukuba Circuit, an amazing event was held.  At this event, Toyota decided to show it’s variant of the FT-86.  Ever since the FT-86, BRZ, or FR-S has made it’s debut in it’s geographically appropriate location, the tuning world has been abuzz with excitement.  Now, with the Super GT BRZ, and the D1 FT-86, we’re all dying to see what’s next.  Well, it seems that TRD has our answer.  With the FT-86 being officially on sale in Japan for about half a month now, it’s unlikely we’ll see any personally owned ones tuned any time soon.  Toyota has done an excellent job in marketing their newest offering, and the TRD tuned FT-86 is the icing on the cake.  Click past the break to see more.

Feature: The San Mateo Terror – TD Pro Am Lexus IS300


The one thing that continues to amaze me in this industry is the amount of great, down to earth people there are.  No matter the discipline, whether you’re a driver, a spectator, a mechanic, or involved in media coverage, it just seems hard to come across a person you won’t get along with.  Case in point; Joe McGuigan.  Joe drifts in the Thunder Drift: Pro Am series here in Northern California.  The series basically serves as a gateway for amateur drivers looking to get into national series like Formula D.  As this season comes to an end, Joe is already looking to next year where, with an all new engine setup, will be shooting for his Formula D license.  Let’s take a closer look at his weapon of choice past the break.