Close-Up: Kazama Auto D1SL 2JZ IS250



It was bad news to hear about the Kazama D1 car getting stolen just prior to this event, but good to see that the team doesn’t give up so easily.  Regardless of the bad luck, they still brought out their D1SL spec 2JZ swapped IS250 to Nikko to continue competition in the SL series.




When tuned to it’s full potential, the 2JZ is capable of easily making over 600ps; compliments of the Trust TD07S-25G turbo.




More than enough power to slide through the course, yet still street legal to drive home.  The Kazama Auto wide-body ensures that it looks good on it’s way as well.




Mr. Nishio Kinya chatting about the recent events with my friend.  As you can imagine, he was quite upset about his car being stolen just the day before.  It came as a shock to most everyone, as things like that are pretty rare in Japan…

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