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Feature: Koyorad x NDF Street ISF V.4 – Corrected Alignment and CVR Testing

We last updated the Koyorad x NDF ISF project in late January after some testing at Chuckwalla Raceway.  In the past 2 months, the car has undergone some pretty drastic, albeit, unseen modifications in our quest to tweak the ISF into the car it should have been from the factory.

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Feature: Amir Bentatou – The RS Future K20 NSX

There is no doubt that the shear excitement of driving a purpose-built race car on the edge is enough for any driver to justify the money and work that gets put into building it.  Although, surprisingly there are very few people that understand the actual amount of work that goes into building a race car; Amir Bentatou is not one of those people.

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Encounter: Track Ready C-West Silvia S15

I’ve grown so accustomed to attending Attack events that highlight fully built race cars, that I often forget how much fun a street car that’s prepped for circuit racing can be.  This type of compromise is so prominent in both Japan and the US, as in most cases it’s not practical for the majority to own a dedicated race car.  I’ve recently acquired another Honda to build in this fashion, and it’s safe to say I’ve been on the lookout for street driven track cars.  I happened across this S15 at Fuji last weekend and was pretty taken by it, so I thought I’d post a few photos.

Encounter: Tokyo Street Evo


We were walking around some prefecture near Roppongi Hills in Tokyo one afternoon while my friends wife was getting her haircut.  While crossing a pedestrian bridge I spotted these kids J-walking across this huge street.  I thought it was pretty cool because you could see Mori Tower perfectly in the background, so I snapped a few pics.  Later on I saw this Evo in the shot!  I didn’t even notice it at first…