Promo: Autocon Promo Trailer Shoot – Los Angeles



This past weekend Justin, who runs Autocon, messaged me about a trailer they were shooting in Los Angeles for the upcoming Autocon event on June 1st.  It was last minute, so I couldn’t make it to all the locations, but I did manage to come out to one spot to take a couple shots and say hi.  It was a good way to spend an afternoon, and I got to meet some nice people.  Being involved with the media in shows like Autocon is a good way for me to stay grounded to import scene here in the US; So-Cal specifically.  I spend a lot of time and energy covering the Japanese lifestyle, and as a result I miss out on the things happening here.  So, I’m happy to be able to say I’m involved in a show like this.  I had a tight schedule that weekend so I wasn’t able to stay for long, but please enjoy what I was able to cover.




Thao’s car was setup with a rig for the film crew to get some rolling footage, so afterwards I took a couple pics of it.






Autocon 5


Rigged up.




The theme of the trailer is going to be “white”, so all cars in attendance were some shade of white.  Patrick’s Veilside NSX was a nice addition.















Pretty cool widebody EVO.




Miguel’s EVO X.




Nice 240Z that I wish was lower.




Very cool S2000 with some nice ASM parts.





Overall some really nice cars made it out – I can’t wait to see how the trailer turned out.  They shot at many locations for a few days so there should be a good variety of scenes.  Enjoy ~




  1. Do you know about any car meets or events on the East Coast this year? A lot of events seem to be on the West Coast or Florida.

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