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Encounter: Late Night Flash at G-Corp


I think, for the sake of variety, that I’m going to switch gears a bit this week.  While there is much more time attack coverage to share with you (not sure that I’ll ever have a shortage of that), I do have quite a bit of files  in the NDF archive that have been collecting dust.  Case in point, earlier this winter I visited Go-san at G-Corporation in Chiba and in his somewhat large driveway sat this beautiful red Silvia.


Event: Hot Version Live Shooting at Tsukuba v.2


Continuing on with the coverage of Hot Version’s filming at Tsukuba Circuit, we’ll take a look at more of what the garages held, and also get a preview of some of the on-track action.  For video of the event, be sure to check out the JDM Clips channel.  So far we’ve seen a ton of RX-7’s, the majority of which were competing in Advan’s Amateur Tournament.  However, the main attraction over the weekend was without a doubt Hot Version’s N2 Race.  AE86 tuners from all over the country travel to compete in this annual event.  Check this one out getting a little sideways on track.  Click past the break to see more!

Close-Up: Subaru BRZ Concept-STi


So, I finally made the quick trip over to the LA Convention Center to attend the LA Auto Show.  While it’s always great to see each manufacturers take on the cutting edge of automotive engineering, I really came to see one car; the Subaru BRZ STi Concept.  Of all the automotive topics discussed recently, Toyota’s predecessor to the now iconic AE86 has been the hottest.  Will it be Toyota or Scion?  What is the actual model name?  Turbocharged or naturally aspirated?  Will it use Subaru’s flat Boxer engine?  For quite awhile, consumers and fans were left in the dark, but finally some light is being shed on the details.  Check out some more shots of Subaru’s new member of the STi family past the break.

Event: Nisei Showoff 2011 v.2


On my way back from LA tonight my friend Adolfo hit me up and told me to cruise by his house; he was installing his Tomei camshafts and wanted some company.  We’re driving down to San Diego tomorrow (errr, today, it’s 3:31AM) to get it tuned, and wanted everything ready before the morning.  I know that’s  a random introduction to the second part of my Nisei coverage, but it’s also my excuse for it being late.  If this post gets pretty boring halfway though, let me apologize ahead of time.  It’s late, I should be in bed already, and have a lot of pictures to post.  I’ll start off with this gorgeous S2000 that was part of The Chronicles GENERATIONS line-up.  Joe has some great coverage of it up already so be sure to check out his site.  Click past the break for more.

Close Up: Mastermind Odyvia


There is an unusual amount of controversy about the look of the Odyvia.  Either you love it or you hate it; usually there is no in-between.  In my opinion, the front end looks like a modern version of what the PS13 front end would look like if Nissan were to make the Silvia again.  I especially like the look of the wide-body Spirit Rei aero, and what it does to the overall look of the car.  I ran into the car at the It’s JDM Yo! meet – check out a few more pics past the break.

Encounter: Mouse!

. The infamous 86 coupe tandem drift extraordinaire team Mouse.  I can’t remember what blog I found these on – if I can remember I’ll post it up. . . Love the fender mirrors .

Feature: Nakamura’s S13


I like Team Burst.  You probably like them too.  I’d even venture to say that out of all the organized drift ‘teams’ in Japan, that Team Burst is the most recognized.  This is largely due in part to Naoki Nakamura’s drift skill and media attention; whether it’s wanted or not.  I’m sure that you’ve heard by now all the recent news that has surrounded Naoki, but if you haven’t click here, and then here.  With that in mind, I thought it would be cool to do a little spotlight on the cars he drives in regularly, and for D1SL.  I shot these on the last day of TAS, and you can see that the D1 banners have been removed already.  Click past the break for the gallery.

Event: 6th Annual JCCS, Long Beach V.2


On to round 2 of the JCCS coverage.  Like I mentioned in the previous post, engine swaps are all to common at this show;  and this coupe is no exception.  This is Steve’s car.  Steve drove 2,000 miles from Alberta, Canada to show at Long Beach.  This is the way I like to see cars; put to use!  As if that wasn’t special enough, Steve had something out of the ordinary at the disposal of his right foot.  How does 260 ft/lb.’s of torque sound?  Yup, a 4.0 liter, V8 taken from a LS400 sits in place of the stock engine.  I got to talk to Steve for a little bit, and to my surprise, he said that the first generation UZ engine fit rather easily in the bay.