Encounter: Late Night Flash at G-Corp


I think, for the sake of variety, that I’m going to switch gears a bit this week.  While there is much more time attack coverage to share with you (not sure that I’ll ever have a shortage of that), I do have quite a bit of files  in the NDF archive that have been collecting dust.  Case in point, earlier this winter I visited Go-san at G-Corporation in Chiba and in his somewhat large driveway sat this beautiful red Silvia.








Dressed in G-Corps own Flash widebody aero, the car certainly has a unique look to it.


You can see the Dream S15 in the background.  I originally pitched that car to a magazine that declined the feature, since I have some processed photos I’ll be posting it soon.  Not everyone’s cup of tea, but a cup of tea nonetheless…errr…yeah.



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