Encounter: Studie AG/GSR – Veilside FD

Most certainly when one hears the name Studie AG, or Good Smile Racing, the first thing to come to mind is a BMW of sorts, possibly followed by images of vocaloid sensation Miku Hatsune.  I’d be willing to bet not many people think of Mazdas though; but in this case, we’ll have to make an exception.


This remarkably unique car seen here is the brain child of Veilside Nagoya, and Studie AG, located in Yokohama.


I’ll apologize in advance, but I can’t identify these wheels to save my life.  At first I thought they were the Andrew Racing Veilside models, but after a couple quick searches I determined they were not.  So, if you know please chime in. *edit* A couple viewers have identified them as Junction Produce Scaras.  Thanks guys!


The sharp lines of the Veilside kit are akin to the older Group C race cars.  Really good looking kit.


The Miku livery that GSR and Studie have made famous as an icon of racing looks right at home on the door panels of the FD.


Hope you enjoy, and happy holidays!


  1. Wheels are junction produce scaras

  2. Wheels are Junction Produce Scaras.

  3. wheels are Junctino Produce Scara made y OZ

  4. Benjamin

    This is insane. Love it

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