Preview: HKS Premium Day 2014



I know that everyone is gearing up for Tokyo Auto Salon in the coming weeks, and while I can’t say I’m not excited about it, there is an event that I’m looking forward to even more than TAS; HKS Premium Day.

We’ll have full coverage of Tokyo Auto Salon on the site, but while you’re basking in the finest Japan has to offer, we’ll be prepping our gear and packing our bags to bring you the best coverage from Fuji on the 26th.  With both the Option Super Lap, and the HKS Hiper Challenge, there will plenty of motor sports to look forward to.

Who knows, maybe we’ll take a break from the Speedway and wander over to the lot where HKS is holding their Customized Car Carnival as well.  Either way, between TAS, HKS Premium Day, Battle Evome, and a whole bunch of other features, January is going to be a great month for Japanese Motor Sport.

Stay tuned!


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