Encounter: Kawashima-san’s セリキャン – Pushing The Limits


Since the picture we posted yesterday of Kawashima’s finished Celica made such a big impact, I figured it would be a good starting point for our coverage of the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon.  His car was parked outside the entrance, so most everyone passed by it as they walked towards Makuhari Messe.  Last we saw this car it was parked at Car Service Hiro it was still in construction and had yet to be painted.  It’s great to see it in an almost complete state, and what better place to debut it than Tokyo Auto Salon.


The amount of work, and thought put into this car alone is amazing, but the fact that Kawashima pulled it off so greatly all by himself is what is really impressive.  To design a car like this isn’t something you just decide to do one day; there’s a lot more to it.  It made me a little upset that there were so many people posting negative comments about it on Facebook.  I understand cars like this cause controversy, but even if it’s not your style, you still have to appreciate the work.  People are so entitled these days that they think their opinion is the end all.  The truth is, without cars like this, and the people who build them, the industry we all love would be worse off.


It’s still hard to believe this car functions, but the fenders actually clear at full lock.  There was a little bit of damage to one of the fenders, but other than that it was still immaculate.


I love the cut back on the front fenders.  They have a very ‘organic’ feel to them that flows with the widebody very well.  I’m glad Kawashima was able to finish in time for TAS, and I’m glad it’s still got people talking!

Let this be a preview of what’s to come from inside the halls of Makuhari Messe – stay tuned as we’ll have our first round of coverage up soon.