Encounter: Mobara Circuit 32 – Girl’s Scheme


Caught this really cool R32 sedan at Mobara a week or so ago at the Team Yamada event.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised that it was owned and driven by a girl.  There’s always a good amount of female drifters at open events at Mobara, and if that wasn’t enough, the amount of plush dolls on the inside gave it away.




As I walked through the paddock area and spotted this car, the license plate is actually what caught my eye first.  I think I might always be on the lookout for Narita plates, but I don’t see them often at events.




The 33 drift spares in the rear gave it just the right look; stylistically, Japan grassroots drift in every way.




The wing is great as well (even though I admit I have no idea what wing it is).  That’s the owner on the right…I probably should have asked her.



She can throw it down too.




I love how close the cars get the pylon at the pit entrance.




All ready to head out; rear bumper back on, and the other two matching mesh wheels in place of the 33’s.




Effortless in style – hope to see this car around again.




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