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Event: バリドリ天国 Vol 6 – Golden Heaven

1990’s motoring in Japan, for a few people, has recently increased in popularity, becoming somewhat of an abstract study into a very unique culture.  A lot of what we see today, especially in drifting, is an amalgamation of trends and lifestyle cues from that era; things that we aren’t necessarily privy to (unless of course you were a teenager in Tokyo in 1995).  Yuji Hasunuma, owner of Pro Shop Wave, was a prominent figure in the peak times of ‘hashiriya‘; a time where the older generation today, was growing up and exploring the world of motorsports.  Despite the change in trends, Yuji and his shop is still around today in Kanagawa, and as a ‘tip of the hat’ to the age his generation loved, he began the Bari Dori Heaven events.

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Event: バリドリ天国 Vol 3 – V.2

The flip side of all this is, naturally, what’s going on now.  The grassroots drift scene in Japan is as alive as it ever was and events like BariDoriTen do a great job of catering to both generations.  It’s true that nowadays many of the younger people jump straight into car ownership, they still have a working knowledge of their predecessors.  There’s no discrimination between age here, which makes for an event where some can relive their youth while others are experiencing it in the present.

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Event: バリドリ天国 Vol 3 – V.1

There’s a tremendous amount of history that kind of flies under the radar when it comes to the roots of the concept of ‘hashiriya’ in Japan.  As is the case in most of life, a lot of what we see today is derived from a heavy influence on trends from the past.  When the current generation of tuners in Japan were growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, before they were old enough to drive cars, they were introduced into the world of motor sports through motorcycles.  To celebrate this derivation of history, Yuji, owner of Pro Shop Wave, assists in putting together the Bari Dori Ten event at Mobara.  This year was the 3rd annual event, and the turnout was as good as ever. Sekinei was on hand to handle media for the event, as per Yuji’s request!