Event: Rainy Mobara – Reverse Entry Mania!

OK, so one day a few weeks ago, Sekinei, Matt and I headed to Mobara the morning that I was supposed to be on a flight back to America.  I’m not sure what the deal was, I think I agreed to go because I was delirious from lack of sleep or mercury poisoning or something…anyway, we ended up there.  I guess on the up side, Mobara is in Chiba, and Chiba is at least in the right direction to Narita.  About halfway through the open session it started raining a good amount, which resulted in every single car on track spinning on the first turn.  I thought it was funny so I posted up and took a couple pictures.  I thought it was ironic that this guy had LA taped on his hood…the place I was supposed to be traveling too later in the day.




The majority of these cars spun out, but some of them held a decent drift – like this guy here.




I shot a couple of the Perfect Style cars earlier that morning – it was cool to catch them on track too.






Some of the few who could hold it together on the wet track.



The majority on hand couldn’t though – it was just too wet.  I had to laugh every time though…it was great entertainment.





In the pits, things were a bit more calm.




Quite a few 86’s were on hand this day.




A couple guys were bashing the rear end of this one in with a mallet – I’m not sure why but it was funny.  I love grassroots drifting.




Check out the engine that was in this green 86.  Talk about corrosion…I love it.




I’m just leaking a bit of what I have from past trips to Mobara – I can’t believe the amount of photos I have from events like this that I’ve completely forgot about.   I know it’s super random but I hope you enjoy it!









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