Encounter: Cockpit S15 – 海ほたる Finds





Awhile back one weekend night I had went to Odaiba to hang out with Asami and her friends.  We had gone to the Tokyo Trick Art Museum which is a place that has a bunch of paintings on the wall that when viewed at the right angle, appear to be 3D; it was a lot of fun.  After hanging out and getting dinner we said our goodbyes and Matt and Sekinei came to pick me up to head over to Umihotaru where Sekinei was holding a CPK meeting.  All I can remember is how cold and tired I was…but we did come across some cool cars; as usual.




Since I was moving all over Tokyo that day with the girls I didn’t have any of my camera equipment.  So Matt was nice enough to lend me his camera to take some shots while we were there.  This S15 was sitting in the corner of the lot all by itself.  Looks like the owner was adjusting something on his rear bumper (license plate I think).  The HKS HiperMax coilovers setting it at just the right height.



The livery on the sides and hood was incredibly cool.




He was cool enough to let me snap a few pictures of it.  It looks like maybe he either recently got the rear overs, or maybe he had them repaired or painting because the back half of the vinyl is missing from the drivers side.




What the full livery looked like.




Pretty sweet right?





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