Encounter: Naturally Aspirated S15 – Fuji

About halfway through our meeting, while I was across the lot taking some individual photos, I had heard an incredibly loud, distinct sound coming from off in the distance.  As it grew closer, I got up and turned around to see a white S15 absolutely screaming down Fuji’s access road.  I instantly knew it was a naturally aspirated SR because, well, there is really only one sound like that; it’s that perfect combination of awesome and obnoxious.

Turns out he was a friend of Ame-san and those in the Garage Mak circle.  When he stopped by our group I was able to take a closer look at the car and snap some photos.


The straight piped exhaust jutting out the rear of the car made for some incredibly loud exhaust tones; the ear piercing kind.  The owner had been over on the drift course side of the track testing out the motor.


16″ Volk TE37’s wrapped in Direzza ZII’s up front gave the S15 a more mild look than what we had been accustomed to looking at all morning.




The ITB fed SR pumps out a healthy 204 horsepower; about the equivalent, or a little more to it’s OE, turbo counterpart.  Except with this configuration, the driver gets amazing throttle response.  He stated it was, ‘very fun’ to drive.



I’d be inclined to agree with him on that.  Looks like a blast!

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  1. If you want to be able to hear that raspy SR again and again and again, you might wanna check out his YT channel:

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