Event: NDF x FRS Invite Meeting V.2

I’m finally back home, and had a chance this evening after work to edit another group of photos from our gathering at Fuji Speedway.  You can check out the first post here if you missed it.  Basically we wanted to try to create a more intimate approach to car meets; less hype, and more conversation.  I think it turned out rather well and am already looking to organize another one when I return to Japan in the coming month.  Like I mentioned in the previous post, getting the opportunity to chat about each build was pretty neat, and I walked away learning more than I’ve had in the past with hundreds of cars on the table.  This way it gave the opportunity to for everyone to play the host role, and made for an overall more fulfilling time.

The variety of cars in attendance was more or less a small sample size of what you’d find at a larger meet.  Be it full out track cars, street driven builds, drift cars, and show cars, there was a showing of each type.  It wasn’t just the variety though, the cars were all really well built.  You can tell the owners chose the best possible products to display the purpose and personalities of the cars.

ndf_2567There were more Evo 6’s than you’d normally be accustomed to seeing in one spot.  Actually there were four in total; three of which we spotted at a PA along the way to Fuji.  By the time the majority of those invited had showed up, the rain was coming down even harder.  We planned for having the shelter at P12 so that made a huge difference in whether or not this meet was enjoyable haha.


This blue, carbon Varis kitted Evo belongs to Chika (@chikaevo).  It’s one of the cleanest street builds that I’ve come across in this chassis.  I mean, this is almost an 18 year old car, and despite Mitsubishi’s amazing job of keeping the body lines timeless, after 18 years almost anywhere a car starts to show it’s age.  This could easily be mistaken for a newer car; the pictures don’t do it justice.

ndf_2628The WedsSport SA-10R’s match the exterior perfectly, and flow with the carbon and deep blue color very well.

ndf_2629She’s also a member of the Lady Evolution Club; which, I’m sure you could gather, is a club of female Evo owners – girl power.


ndf_2626Looked right at home next to Morita and Takahiro.

ndf_2624Speaking of, this mild-mannered looking Evo belongs to Takahiro Koike; a true motor sport enthusiast who spends as much time on track as possible.  With full interior though, he has no problem driving this car to work if need be.

ndf_2564Cleaning up the water from the torrential downpour they had just driven through.

ndf_2596Yasuhiro’s Evo is in the same boat.  No stranger to the circuit himself, he brought out his Unlimited Works tuned Evo.  You know if Kaz at UW has his hand in a build it’s going to be a contender.  This car is no slouch in the power department.

ndf_2592I was able to get a closer look at these two rivals as well, as I’d never seen them, or knew the owners.

ndf_2594Naoto-san owns this blue STi, and Kabashima-san owns the silver EVO 9; both really cool builds.



ndf_2772The Varis kit for this car seriously cannot be beat.

ndf_2910When the skies cleared a couple of the guys got together for a little group shot.  The sun was a harsh change from the cloudy morning, and a horrible reminder that despite it being Fall, the temps were still unusually high.  Seriously though, on a side note, it’s going to be 93 degrees tomorrow in Southern California…what the fuck.

ndf_2631Really like this shot of Morita’s Evo.  I’m in love with this car.  I’ll have a feature up soon.

ndf_2598I ended up giving the first place trophy to the owner of this FC, and subsequently photographing it seperatly.  It was nearly everything I liked in a car.

ndf_2605I won’t give too much away, but look for more of this soon as well.

ndf_2573I didn’t get a chance to catch the owner of this S2000 to talk at all, but at first glance I thought I was back home at a VTEC Club event or something.  It’s a very simple looking build; something you may see in the states almost.

ndf_2574Which isn’t a bad thing at all.  I like the way the front bumper was painted with the splitter portion in a gloss black.

ndf_2582Keita Tamura, a.k.a Mr. TM Works, was able to come as well with his 180SX.


ndf_2585Keisuke and his girlfriend brought out the gold 180SX as well.  He’s owned this car for a few years now and it’s only gotten better over time.



ndf_2665There are some details that go above and beyond what you’d expect from a normal S-chassis build.  The cleanliness of the interior alone would win a car show in the states.


ndf_2673Yachita-san brought out his drift machine.  I think this car gets driven so much that it’s not even worth repairing the URAS front end.  He’s a really cool guy; we first met at Winter Cafe two years ago.

ndf_2621This deep purple metallic Z33 was decked out in Garage Mak aero and Enkei GTC01RR’s; a wheel that’s slowly becoming a favorite of mine.


ndf_2566Looks great in full view.


ndf_2613A more flashy approach to the same chassis.

ndf_2761I’m usually not a fan of bright colors like this, but the blue of the ZE40’s matched the flashy green exterior quite well.


ndf_2651Ryo Ishii’s glossy brown hatch came out – sans the sparkly gold hood.  Looks like he has something else in the works.  When this car is aired down, the aero literally sits on the ground.

ndf_2656The lip of the custom colored Work Varianza V5S is nearly invisible underneath the rear quarter panel.

ndf_2778Not sure who owned this wagon.  They showed up kind of late and hung out with some of the people.  Looks great though.

ndf_3001Misa showed up with her black and D.A.D style accessorized FD.


ndf_3005Looks crazy with the new TCP aero on it.

Hope you get a feel for the meeting, and keep your eye out for the last post!




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