Encounter: Ziek Power’s SR20 Powered ZN6

I was organizing one of my hard drives making room for the upcoming Attack season and I came across a few shots of the Ziek Power 86 from earlier in the year.  This is one of the more unique 86 builds I’ve been able to see on track, with the main revision being the Nissan motor that now resides under the hood.  Ziek Power has caressed a healthy 500 horsepower from the SR20, which is now 2.2 liter; plenty enough power to get it around any track they choose to in a very respectable time.

The Origin widebody kit and select custom aero bits pair well with the cars intentions of time attack.  It’s no surprise that Ziek would choose this motor as the car’s alternate, as the smaller shop in Shiga is known more for their focus on Nissan builds.  Getting the motor to perform how they want would be a simple task in relation to other choices.  Mated to the new powerplant is a new HKS sequential transmission to make shifting much quicker on track.  The car was able to lap Suzuka in 2’19.00 flat, quick but shy of their goal of 2’15.00.  I wonder if we’ll see this car around for the upcoming season?

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