Encounter: Advance/Central 20 Fairlady Z34

Sekinei and I just got back to Yokohama from HKS Day at Fuji Speedway, and before we can relax and bask in the satisfaction that is time attack, we have to get ready for work tomorrow; and by ‘we’, I mean Sekinei.  So, while he is outside in the cold, swapping alternators on a Diahatsu Hijet, I’m inside the office, heater blasting, watching Rick and Morty, writing an article on CTAC last weekend.  I came across these photos in my Lightroom library from a recent visit to Advance, so I thought I’d post them up real quick.

The Yokohama DMV is pretty close to the street that Advance is on.  Since we frequent the location often, I make it a habit to stop by and say hello to Masahiro and Yagihashi every time I’m here.  As you know, Advance specializes in track setups for Fuji Speedway, and they host a few events a year for their customers.  As we were talking about the event they held in April, he mentioned that one of the cars that ran in it was at the shop.  This Z34 belongs to a customer of theirs and was in for some maintenance.  I was able to grab a few shots before taking off.  It seemed like a really cool build – noteably the full carbon roof.

The Central 20 brake calipers are made for the shop specifically by Endless.  I initially misunderstood Masahiro when he told me this, and thought for a second Endless was changing their name; I should probably study more.

Carbon Craft Square mirrors to match the rest of the carbon bits on the car.

Carbon roof!

The interior is a tasteful mix of race and street.

Under 2 minutes club.



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  1. Thanks for the photos. I love this Z. Speedhunters had a piece on this a little while back, inspiration for my Z

    Keep up the good work!

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