Encounter: Autumn’s Resolve – Kemritte’s AE86

It was at the end of last year I shot these photos of Kemritte’s Corolla with the intentions of writing a full article on the car.  Having just finished the build a few months earlier, I was keen on sharing it with our audience.  It was mid-December, right before the holiday rush, and I remember preparing for a few trips to Japan as well as some work trips I had on my calendar.

I didn’t get a chance to go back and review the images for some time.  It turns out I needed to redo a few of the engine and detail shots in order to be satisfied with a comprehensive piece on the car.  Well, guess what didn’t happen.  It wasn’t until Yuta recently inquired about using some of the photos for the Battlecraft website that I remembered I still had them collecting virtual dust on my harddrive.  Coincidentally, Kemritte was scheduled to stop by to talk for a bit on our Podcast series, so I figured I would throw up a small gallery to give everyone some context as to what we’re talking about with his most recent build.  The character that this car exudes can only be understood by knowing Kemritte as a person.  Enjoy.

Listen in to the Podcast featuring Kemritte at iTunes, Stitcher or here.


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