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I’ve always felt that cars, both building them and racing them, has a way of keeping us young.  For this Summer’s apparel, I wanted to try to capture the feeling of youth that stems from being involved in motor sport, and the opportunities presented to us now that allow us to achieve what we dreamed about as kids.  A vision where the spirit of youth intertwines with the realities of the life we live today, and the cars we’ve had the opportunity to build and drive.  Our attempt at acknowledging the essence of youthful aspirations and celebrating the unyielding passion for racing and cars that resides within us, even as adults.

Over the past few months we’ve been working in collaboration with Japanese artist Mojiasobi, whose specialty is the manipulation of Kanji.  He took our ideas and designed two original pieces that both embody these thoughts and partnered them with the well established aesthetic of NDF.

Each design is an artistic take on the kanji, ‘瞬間’ for ‘moment’, and 青春の夢 for ‘dream of youth’.  With his unique attention to detail and artistic finesse, he has captured the essence of our collective journey, where dreams evolve from imagination into tangible reality; much like the personality our cars come to have throughout the build process.

Let us be the conduit to relive the experience of youth.  Let’s celebrate the joy of an automotive lifestyle that transcends the boundaries of age.


Moment Long Sleeve in black with Yanaginezumi (Willow Grey) ink




Dream of Youth Long Sleeve in Ecru with Grigio Tempesta ink




Dream of Youth Short Sleeve in Heather with Grigio Tempesta ink



We’re lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Mojiasobi, whose art has graced the work of many famous Japanese rock bands including Rad Wimps, Macaroni Empitsu, and Yorushika, to name a few.  We hope that you find this collection an original and meaningful departure from our current designs.

Available worldwide August 17th, 2023 at http://www.shopndf.com



  1. Chase Johanson

    I’m NotSry.fk8 on instagram I love this collection. I can’t wait for it to go live. Keep up the awesome work.

  2. JustaFormer11B

    I think this is genius. One of the best places to feel like a kid again is a car show or race event. Giddy and “running” from car to car or doing a pit walk, it brings out the child in all of us.

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