Site News: Race Pro GT Model Steering Wheel

New for this year’s steering wheel line up is the introduction of the Race Pro ‘GT Model’.  Based on our standard 330mm Race Pro model, the GT Model features a grey leather centerline, grey stitching, and a solid center piece.  Designed with racing in mind, the GT Model includes an empty center area, but pre-drilled in standard 6x70mm PCD6x70.

All NDF steering wheel models are produced in the highest standard with black brushed, anticorodal aluminum frames and wrapped in the finest suede or leather.  Premium cross-stitching, available in Navy or Grey for most models, provides both subtle styling and ensures the material stays tightly adhered for the life of the wheel.

Our steering wheels are designed in Japan by well-known Super GT supplier Tanida Motorsports.  The Dogfight SPL signature line features ergonomics specific to racing and are handcrafted in Italy using the highest quality materials and processes.

The Race Pro GT Model, as well as the entire line of Dogfight SPL steering wheels, will be available for order on August 18th, 2023 at 10am.  Only at












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  1. JustaFormer11B

    I was expecting a much steeper price but was pleasantly surprised. I wish I had a vehicle worth of it. Lol

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