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Interview: Finding Balance – APG Performance Brakes

It wouldn’t be a stretch to consider the aftermarket braking industry a niche market.  Having so many unique barriers to entry, high cost products, and a somewhat limited consumer base, all make newcomers a very rare sight.  So, for a long time now we’ve seen these products manufactured by the same companies year after year.  As time passes though, and the availability of racing becomes more prominent, consumers began demanding a new type of product; price conscious brake kits that don’t sacrifice quality.  In other words, a product that strikes a balance between cost and performance – in steps APG Performance.

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Site News: NDF Storefront Opening 05/03

The heart of Japanese time attack lies with those at the top of the time sheets; the shop owners and drivers that have devoted their lives to the sport.  From our beginnings, we’ve worked together with these individuals to give them a stage to showcase their work.  The Frontrunners tee pays tribute to the builders that are pushing this motor sport to levels we’ve never seen.  Each year our list has grown, and 2018 is no different.

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Site News: Storefront Announcement

In an attempt to expand the communication in regards to storefront opening dates and times, I’ve committed to announcing on the site each time the store is restocked and I plan to re-open it.  I get plenty of emails from people who missed out, or request to be notified each time I open the store; as you know that would be impossibly tedious to individually email hundreds of people.  Instead, the easier solution, is to subscribe to the site via the ‘follow’ button located on all pages, and when I post opening dates you will receive notifications straight to your inbox!

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Site Update: 2016 Frontrunners T-Shirt Available Now

Excited to announce the release of the next reiteration of our Frontrunners T-Shirt, celebrating a handful of the fastest Time Attack shops in Japan.  We’ve developed close relationships with each of these companies and paired together to create a really cool piece of apparel that everyone can enjoy.

Site News: Domain Mapping Issue Fixed


I’ve been getting a few messages over the past couple days in regards to the site running slow, or not being able to access it at all.  Took the better half of my Sunday morning, but I figured out today there was an issue with the DNS settings that needed to be reset – no idea how they got changed in the first place.

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Site News: Poly-Tech Outerwear Pre-Order

I’m excited to announce the release of NDF’s first outerwear garment.  I spent a long time looking into what would be a more unique offering than just a regular cotton, hooded sweatshirt.  I wanted something practical, something with a styled, motorsport feel, and ultimately something that would keep you warm (especially those cold winter mornings in Japan)!  So it is with great satisfaction that I present to you the Dogfight Poly-Tech Sweatshirt.

Site News: Journey To Satisfaction

Hey everyone – we’re back!

Sorry about the down time last night that led into this morning; the result of such down time, however, is the new layout of the site.  If I were being completely honest, I’ve never been 100% satisfied with the look of the site (or anything in my life for that matter).  As a result, the site has changed it’s look over the past years multiple times.