One Shot: Variety; The Spice of Life


One of the benefits of multi-class motor sport events is the opportunity to see cars of all different power levels and drive configurations on track at the same time.  It’s almost like turning an organized event into an open track day.  As a result, the variety of cars competing increases the the chance of gaining new fans to the series, and even the various chassis’.  Where else can you see 3 completely different cars go 3 wide into a corner?  I like to use that same concept to describe NDF.

There are literally hundreds of other websites, blogs and Facebook pages you can visit for your fix, and I’d like to thank you for choosing The Narita Dog Fight.  It seems like with each day that passes our audience is expanding, and that just makes me want to work even harder to bring you a variety of content that you can’t get any where else.  This past year I’ve really tried to bring you a taste of the US tuning scene as well, while still maintaining the basis of NDF; Japanese Motor Sport.  I’m also really excited about the growth of the official NDF Facebook page and the traffic it drives.  I would like to point out though, that the Facebook page is just a supplementary way to share content.  My main focus is, and always will be, the blog and website.  I’ve been hard at work to bring you a new layout and a fresh way to view content.  It’s in the final stages and I’m hoping for it to be fully up and running before the end of the month.  Again, thanks for visiting, sharing, and supporting NDF – the community of fans sharing what they love is what fuels the growth.




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