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Feature: The 86 Progression – Keiichi Tsuchiya

One of the more anticipated cars of this year’s WTAC among fans and builders alike, had to be Beau Yates’ revamped AE86.  With Mark Bissett leading the team, the car was built at Hypertune in Sydney, and has been entirely stripped of it’s former drift specification and rebuilt as a time attack car fit for a king; and by king, I mean none other than Keiichi Tsuchiya.  Keiichi was slated to drive the car in Open Class this year at Sydney Motorsports Park.

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Product Spotlight: 80R Volume 1 – Preorder Available

This project has been a long time in the making.  If you consider the years of traveling to and from events, the relationships formed over time, the days spent photographing and editing; to think that it was put together over the past 3 or 4 months seems fast in comparison.  On behalf of everyone involved in our new venture into print, I am proud and excited to announce the availability of 80R  Volume 1: The Story of Japan’s Fastest Time Attack Drivers.

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Interview: The Road to Victory – Under Suzuki

As we draw closer to October, the rush to complete off-season upgrades and get cars into containers bound for Sydney becomes more and more prominent around the globe. The buzz around the community regarding rumors and what each driver has done to gain time grows as the event nears. The growing popularity of World Time Attack Challenge is bringing time attack into the international spotlight and creating yet another outlet for this great motor sport. In Japan, the popularity peaks with the support of the hometown hero, Under Suzuki.

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News: HKS TRB-03 Full Attack – WTAC 2018

The minute that HKS had broken the 49 second barrier at Tsukuba, it seemed as if their were rumors circulating about it’s potential bid for WTAC.  After some speculation, it was revealed that the car was built outside the Pro Class rulebook and wouldn’t be eligible to run competitavely.  That didn’t stop anyone from wondering just what it could do on the world stage of Sydney Motorsports Park, however.  Well, according to Superlap CEO Ian Baker, it looks like we’ll get an opportunity after all.

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Encounter: Autumn’s Resolve – Kemritte’s AE86

It was at the end of last year I shot these photos of Kemritte’s Corolla with the intentions of writing a full article on the car.  Having just finished the build a few months earlier, I was keen on sharing it with our audience.  It was mid-December, right before the holiday rush, and I remember preparing for a few trips to Japan as well as some work trips I had on my calendar.

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Encounter: C.S. Polsche Tuned Accord Euro-R

I was looking through my hard-drives searching for a particular image I’m using for a project that I’ve been working on and came across a folder full of cars that I had meant to share a few months ago but, for a multitude of reasons, never got around to it.  One of the cars was an Accord Euro-R I happened upon at Fuji Speedway.  The owner mentioned that he was local to the Fuji area and has his car tuned at the Yamanashi-based shop C.S. Polsche.  I like seeing these street oriented builds at major circuits, so I took a few moments to look it over.