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Close-Up: GReddy Nissan 35RX


Bear with me on this post; there’s a possibility that I could still be a little intoxicated.  I’ll keep the grammar in check as best as I can.  It seems like Nissan has lost the battle in trying to keep the R35 GTR a machine that needs no modification.  In the hands of the Japanese elite tuners, nothing is sacred.  Take, for example, the GReddy 35RX; a machine so deconstructed, that it retains little to no trace of the original form.  I want to show you something pretty amazing – so click past the break.

Event: 2010 Super GT Test Day at Twin Ring Motegi


Ah, Monday.  Hope you all had a good race weekend; congrats to Sebastian Vettel for his second 2011 season win!  As promised, I’m posting up some shots of  a Super GT Test Day at the Twin Ring Motegi circuit.  While these shots may be dated a bit, they are still awesome.  This post will be followed up with some race day shots as well.  Unfortunately, the Super GT series has been delayed due to the tragic events in Japan.  I know we’ve heard it a lot, but let’s hope Japan can bounce back and things can return to normal soon.  Thanks again to JDM Clips.  Check out the NSX GT-R FR – looks so mean.