Encounter: Silvia Friends



After some friends and I got done playing around taking photos on the expressway one night, we headed over to Shibaura parking area to see if there was anything going on.  Daikoku was closed for the night (it seems like that place is closed more often than not nowadays) and this is typically the best alternative.  When we got there, there was a pretty good variety of cars hanging out.


Two of the cars that caught my eye were parked outside of the main lot, along the side.  Both were S15’s, but pretty different styling.



This blue one on Model 5’s was pretty clean, and well kept, while the yellow one in front was a little more intense looking.  They both had Ganadors though so…automatically cool.



Shibaura is a good spot to chill and I’ve got some more to share from this night so stay tuned. ~



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  1. Ganadors saved hati, katrina victims, and stopped the bp oil spills. automatically geological heroes!

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