Encounter: Sunset Mobara



This afternoon we were in Chiba checking out a few auction sites and decided to swing by Mobara Circuit to check out the tail end of a grip/drift day they were having there.  I took a good amount of pictures, but since the site has been slow while I’ve been in Japan, I wanted to at least get a small update in.  This 86 belongs to one of the circuit employees…




The sun setting behind the circuit made for a pretty nice backdrop to the evening.




I apologize for the lack of site updates, but be assured, there is a lot of great stuff on the way; I just need to find some time to get it processed.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@naritadogfight) – while I’m on the road, it is updated more often than the site.  Thanks for checking in!




  1. Such a Beauty <3

  2. skirmish

    I think this my favourite 86!! its sooooo perfect!

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