Event: NDF Winter Cafe 2013 V.2



Well, I suppose I’ll just dive into the second part of the NDF Winter Cafe; my apologies on the wait, work has been pretty busy since I returned (If you missed it, check out the first post here).  Remember, you have an opportunity to purchase the official 2013 decal here.  There are only about 20 left, so if you’re interested I’d act quick.  If you do purchase, I extend my gratitude.  It will help fund next years cafe, as well as the limited decal, which I hope to be just as great.  Also, as a bonus, I’ve made an official Winter Cafe wallpaper using a shot of this ridiculous MK4.  You can head over to the wallpaper page to check it out.




Another shot of Kikurin’s widebody MKIII – from this angle you can kind of get a grasp on how much wider it is than stock body.



Akira Furuki brought out his track prepped RWB RS…on a trailer at that!  So cool, very grateful that he came out and had some fun.  Sorry for the quality of picture on the next few shots, but Umihotaru shuts down some of their lights after a certain time; which happens to make photography a bit difficult.




A shot of his engine bay – the car sounds absolutely terrifying.




Unique little FD that came in quietly and kind of parked off to the side.  Interesting choice of parts.




33 brothers! (or sisters?)




Rear shot of the Z33 in the previous picture…






Another couple shots of Motomasu-san’s Porsche.  Absolutely love the color on this car.




Totsuka-san having a chat with Kume, Tayama-san, and Masuhara-san; crazy Z guys!




Another shot of Totsuka’s Z32.






This ER34 and Primera rolled in together and both are pretty unique.  I’ve always loved P11’s and my good friend used to own a P10 here in the states.  That car handled so well, I’m really surprised you don’t see more of them used as tuning chassis’.  This one had a really neat touring look to it.




And of course there’s no party without Yusuke!  Good to see him again after the previous nights street drifting.




Harada-san and Amisaki-san; together they pretty much destroy the Z community worldwide.




Quick shot of the Revolfe S.A. tuned R34 – notice the AVEX banner in the back?  So cool…


Rear view of the Vertex built S14…you can see Lovers Rough in the far back…







This MK4 had an awesome aero package equipped.  A combination of Top Secret and Tamon Design peices made for a really unique and aggressive look.  The Ganadors set the whole thing off as well.  I don’t even want to imagine how fast it is…I would just get depressed.


I can’t think of a better combo…




I know everyone is super hyped to see more of Yuki’s FD, but after I finish the Cafe coverage, I’ll make a separate post because his story is pretty great and I’m pretty excited about it…so hang in there.



In the mean time…




Check out Yuki’s friend’s car, whom rolled along with him as well in his time attack, four door R34 with a really cool Meister combo.




I’ll stop there for now, mainly because I have to process orders from yesterday, and wrap up a few things before the holiday.  I hope you’re enjoying the coverage so far, and thank you for visiting!  I know for certain you’ll enjoy the next part.






  1. Ryan "Buttman" Senensky

    that 4 door r32 reinvents how beautiful even sedans can be. btw this the best automotive blog thats nonhonda related out there.

  2. skirmish

    Am i allowed to request wallpapers? haha I neeeed the front angle of that R33!!!!!!

    p.s. All the cars look to be built sooo well! great variety!

  3. NismoDriver

    more pic white p10 please ;)

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