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So, one of the side projects that I’ve been working on over the past few months is expanding the site to include a very niche line of carbon goods, targeted towards circuit racing and Hondas.  Of course, NDF loves all Japanese makes and models and types of motor sport, but one in particular you may have noticed stands out to me above all, and that is time attack.  To coincide with the build of my personal attack car, my friend and I thought it was best to begin parts production that can actually be tested on circuit, with me behind the wheel.  Thus, the DOGFIGHT line was created.  This is not to say, if successful, we can expand to other makes; but for now it will remain rather specific.


After months of discussion, changes to moldings and multiple test parts made, I’m happy to announce the launch of the new line.  It’s nothing fancy, just well made circuit parts geared towards maximizing your cars current potential.  These parts aren’t about making power, they’re about making your power more efficient.  Our initial product is a carbon replacement plug for the 96-00 OEM Sunroof/Moonroof assembly.  A part that not only weighs nearly 50 pounds, but is centered at the top of the car.  By replacing the assembly with this plug, you’ll effectively lower the center of gravity of your car which helps nearly as much as the weigh reduction.


One of the positive aspects of our final design is that you can essentially replace the OEM assembly if you are looking to only run these at the track, or if you choose to sell your car in the future.  No riveting or drilling is necessary in the installation.  While there are various ways to install this piece (as the design allows for it), it is possible to reuse your sunroof again.  Not many pieces like this on the market would allow that.  You also have the option of installing with drilling through the top of the unit; basically it was designed to have a very clean, OEM look, even retaining the shape of the stock glass.


You may have seen a couple pictures like these on Facebook and Instagram (@naritadogfight) showing a close up of the carbon.

The parts are made from a resin-infused carbon fiber process in order to create a part that is not only strong, but as light as it can be; with as little residual resin as possible.  The piece is single layer carbon, which is quite adequate in strength while reducing the weight as much as possible.


Since my project car is back at my own shop, chassis work 90% complete, I took the opportunity to replace my old plug with a product of our own.  The old plug I used was just a regular piece of carbon that was backed by a horribly cut piece of sheetmetal.  I riveted through the top and sealed it up – it looked horrible, was way heavier than it needed to be, but it didn’t leak.  Since I am rebuilding the car, I wanted a piece that not only looked good, but also performed as well.

Pictured here is the plug installed, without weather stripping or sealant.  While both are not necessary for installation, one or the other is highly recommended – without sealant the plug will leak in the rain (obviously).  The part was designed to have a very slight gap around all edges – there is a reason behind this.  The earlier parts we made fit, well it’s going to sound strange but, they fit too well.  We decided it was best to leave a small gap to be filled with sealant that can slightly flex.


Another top/side shot to show fitment.  Again, this is without sealant.


The piece is able to be installed without other brackets, or drilling through the top of the roof or part, because of our unique mold design.  We left a lip (best seen in the uninstalled pictures) around the part to be used as a mounting point.  As far as I know, the EK chassis is unique in this aspect.  The front and sides of the roof have a lip that drops down from the top.  The only part of the rood that doesn’t have this lip is the rear of the part; however, there are a few ways around this.

For my particular installation, I opted to not bolt the rear.  The piece is structurally strong enough to run without rear attachment (save for silicone/sealant).   How do I know this?  Because I did it on my old unit.  Several track days later and it was not affected.  This picture also shows you what the bottom side looks like – I chose to paint the underside a flat black.

You can attach via rivets, or use bolts for a cleaner look, as well as if you plan on replacing the OEM unit.


Overall I’m very happy with how the design came out, and even happier that I have the opportunity to pass it along to other consumers.  My friend and I had plans on making this part for our personal cars anyway because of lack of availability of things like this on the market.  Really, the only other alternative is a $1,000+ carbon roof, and to speak frankly, I don’t think many people have the money to be spending on that.  Especially since the majority of the weight is in the sunroof assembly.

These will be available for purchase in the NDF Store probably early this week.  We’re still looking into options to accompany the part such as hardware, sealant, weather stripping, etc. to perhaps offer a full installation kit.  However, since there are various ways to install, for now the part will be available to purchase alone.  The pieces are made to order and usually take around a week, give or take a few days to be completely made (wet sanded, etc.).  Pricing will be set around the $300 dollar range plus shipping (estimated just to give you an idea).

If you are in the Southern California area, we also offer a pick-up service to help you save on shipping costs; we’ll be available most evenings.

We have plans to begin working on other parts for the EK chassis family to be used on the NDF TA Civic build, as well as to offer to other enthusiasts.  If you have any questions regarding the product feel free to contact me through the contact page of the website, or directly at – I’ll do my best to respond as soon as possible.

I would also like to add that this expansion of services will not impede the media flow of the website.  First and foremost Narita Dog Fight is a media site.  My core goal of the site has remained the same, and I still plan to bring you guys the best coverage of Japanese motor sport that I’m capable of doing.  I’d also like to thank my friend Allan for his contribution to getting this piece, and more to come, made.

Hope you enjoy!


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  2. Ive been a fan of The Narita Dogfight blog for years now, Im glad to see you expand your passion for the sport/life we both love! i wish you the best with this new product line! May we meet at the track one day ill be supporting the Dogfight! if not in it :) peace.

    • Thank you very much. The car will not be driven daily, but perhaps on weekends. B16A2, which will eventually be rebuilt with a 1.8 block.

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  4. Oh snap this is fantastic! Seriously this exactly what I would want to settle for a chassis with a sunroof. Great idea, and I know I will get one if I get another EK chassis.

  5. Wow! So much quality much like the rest of the website! Good luck with the new venture!

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    How can I obtain one of the sunroof plates man. They are gorgeous.

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