Encounter: Kyushu Danji Frontrunner – Hiroyoshi Shimada



The whole sport of time-attack has been picking up speed as of late, and over the past few years, one team has stood out amongst the rest as leaders in their own right.  Based in the Kyushu region of Japan, the members of Kyushu Danji are constantly pushing themselves to become the fastest they can throughout all circuits in Japan.  Having Autopolis Circuit as their home base helps quite a bit, but these guys are also no strangers at Central, and Tsukuba Circuits.  The most prominent member being Hiroyoshi Shimada, the owner of this unique EVO 9.




Working closely with Voltex, Shimada has developed quite an impressive aero package for 2014.  Actually, if you follow us on FB, you’d have seen the new front end that they developed in cooperation with Voltex for WTAC.  It’s quite impressive and apparently showed a huge improvement.




I’ve always liked his headlight covers.




The bright gold Advan TCIII’s hide the massive AP Racing big brake kit up front.  I really enjoyed it a few years ago when he was running the Tracers up front as well.




The entire car is wrapped in organizations, events, shops, and people that Shimada-san supports and respects.




Good look at the Garage HRS widebody rear overs.





No Attack car is complete without a fully built engine, and this car is no exception with a fully built, Tomei filled 4G.






All these exterior components help drive the duo to extremely fast times at many circuits.  A best of 1’54 .534 at Autopolis, which was set last winter, and a best of 56.937 at Tsukuba – which is about one second off pace of his goal for this year of hitting 55’s. 

If anyone sums up the spirit of Attack, it’s Shimada-san.  No limitations; death or glory.




In an effort to eliminate any unnecessary weight, of course the interior has been stripped bare.  Door cards cut out, dash stripped, no interior; as it should be in a true attack car.  No classes, no regulations, just your machine and how fast you can take it.









On track it looks even better!


No records set here at Hyper Meeting though.  Due to the conditions and the overall purpose of the event, it was more of an exhibition run.




I’ll do my best to follow the progress of this car, and the other KD cars as the year progresses.  It’s his intention to compete in WTAC, so it will be awesome to see the Australian coverage coming up.  Good luck!







Autopolis Setup:
○ARC       インタークーラーワイドタイプ
○JENVY      スペシャルサージタンク
○JENVY      スペシャルスロットル80φ
○パワーエンタープライズ  RX6R F1タービンキット
TCW77 P22
○HKS       GT2 ウェストゲート 60φ
○アンリミテッドワークス   ダメ人間専用 90Ф
(エンジン) 4G63 MIVEC
○コスワース   MIVECヘッド
○TOMEI     エンジンキット2.2L
○TOMEI     CAM 272度
○AEM       冨吉レーシングスペシャル
○オーリンズ    冨吉スペシャル
○カヤバ       コンペティションスプリング
○HRS       フロントワイトレアーム
○Deck       リアトーコントロールアーム
○ナギサ        リア・ピロロアアーム
○レイズ       RE30CS
○ヨコハマ      TCⅢ
○ADVAN      A050 295-35-18
(駆動系) GSR5速
○三菱純正       ファイナル4,111
○三菱純正       5速ギア 0,825
○ORC        レーシングコンセプト
○クスコ        タイプRS 1way
○クスコ        リア スタビ23φ
○クスコ        フロント ブラケットのみ
○AP         CP5060 6potキャリパー
CP5020 4potキャリパー
○九州男児商会   ローター F:360φ     R:330φ
○フェロード      パッド DS3000 DS2500

(外 装)
○VOLTEX     Fバンパー      FRP製
○VOLTEX     ボンネット       カーボン製
○VOLTEX     サイドステップサイバーバージョン
○VOLTEX     ワイドフェンダーサイバーバージョン
○VOLTEX     リアオ-バーフェンダー
○VOLTEX     アンダーウィング+ミドルアンダー
○VOLTEX     ツインカナード
○VOLTEX     GTWING ゙タイプ5
○CFデザイン    カーボンルーフ
○フルブラスト    リヤディフューザー
○三菱純正      ヴォーテックジェネレーター
○スピードグラス   フロント軽量ガラス
○自 作        フロントドア、リア アクリルウィンドゥ



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