Encounter: Advance Technical – NSX Meisters

Last month, when I went to Advance, there was a customer’s NSX parked on the street next to Masahiro’s.  After taking chatting and taking some pictures of Yagi’s S15, I snapped a few stills of the NSX duo.

NDF_4744-EditRight when we were about to leave, Masahiro disappeared for a second to go retrieve a car from the back side of the shop he wanted to show us; he returned shortly with this R32.  I really liked it, and  wanted to do somewhat of a legitimate shoot of it, but we were somewhat pressed for time – maybe next time.  I think you guys would like it.

NDF_4726-EditIn the meantime, let’s take a closer look at this NSX.

NDF_4729-EditNo matter how many times I visit this shop, I’m continually amazed at the amount of quality cars they put out.  Just look at this scene!  Not to mention what is inside the shop as well.

NDF_4730-EditBrembo calipers with Endless pads are hidden behind the modestly sized, bronze TE37’s.

NDF_4724-EditThe new front end of Masahiro’s NSX looks great.

NDF_4774-EditThis shot gives you a good look at how the Lechers skirts carry the design flow of the side vent to the ground; one of the reasons they are my favorite offering for the NSX.  Looks like the paint could use some Meguiars products though!




The dual element GT wing and rear diffuser give the back end of the car a pretty aggressive stature.




NDF_4737-EditRemember when this car was on black RPF-1’s for a long time?  I like the look of the chrome SP1’s, but I’ve always wondered how the car would look with a less street looking wheel.  I’m sure this isn’t the last set of wheels that we’ll see on the car though.




  1. cslucas1955@sbcglobal.net

    Looks like an incredible shop.

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  3. tokkodai

    correct me if I am wrong..aren’t those brembo caliper covers?

    • What is a caliper cover?

      • literally covers that goes on top of calipers..
        if you look closely especially the rears, fronts as well but rears more pronounced in the pictures.
        usually those are sold on ebay by non reputable companies,
        but yeah.. i think those are caliper covers and I would be curious as to why… on such a quality build otherwise

      • Ah, I see. Knowing Advance, these are not covers. They run either Brembo or Endless calipers; perhaps it’s just a strange angle, but I’ve never seen anything like that at this shop.

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