Encounter: Toshi’s Grooving FC3S

I get used to seeing some pretty serious builds around Japan; a lot of times it’s all or nothing.  It’s almost as if the middle ground is the least popular place to be when it comes to time attack.  More often than not, because it’s all interesting to me, I try to find a balance between sharing both the ‘all’ and ‘nothing’ builds.  Every once in awhile, however, I’ll come across one of the more minimal builds and start to question the aggressive look of the in-depth, competitive builds, and why I took my personal car down that path.  Toshi’s FC is among those that make me question why I don’t have a spirited daily anymore…

It’s just got all the right ingredients.  The older chassis sits on gloss black SSR Professors wrapped in Direzza ZII’s, and was driven around TC2000 in a respectable 1’04.912.  While not the quickest of the bunch, I’m sure it was still an amazingly fun drive – both to the circuit, and on it!