Encounter: Yuki Nagasawa’s S2000

Yuki’s AP1 is proof that you don’t have to have the a full blow race car to benefit from going to the track.  Taking on a ‘less is more’ approach to his roadster resulted in a mildly built car, that maximizes enjoyment for him; both on and off track.

The exterior is lightly modified with a J’s Racing front bumper and GT Wing, as well as a set of custom front fenders.  A carbon fiber hardtop takes the place of the heavier OEM unit, as well as a carbon trunk. The rest of the body remains in it’s factory configuration.

NDF_8237Little touches tip you off to the fact that Yuki is no novice at the track; check out the lower ball joint and strut wrapped in heat tape to prevent the rubber from deteriorating from the exhaust heat.

To ensure the the S2000 sticks to the track, 255/40/17 Advan A050’s surround a set of gold Volk CE28’s.  The engine is, for the most part, left untouched aside from some preventative modifications. The small, but smart choices in mods add up to an impressive 1’02.439 lap time around TC2000.  Check out more photos below.






  1. Awesome pictures, Sean! A very cool car :D

  2. João Ferreira

    More photos of the interior and engine bay please

  3. itrbroham

    Those are old school Bunzou Racing front fenders.

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