Encounter: Racing Service Takagi GTR33

RS-Takagi is a tuning shop that specializes in Nissan applications, namely the 180 and Skyline, that’s based in the Gifu Prefecture; just Northwest of Nagoya.  Their demo cars range from extremely high powered drag cars, to very well-balanced time attack cars – they even assist in some drift events.  The owner states that no customer request is too big or too small, and that they are able to tailor projects to meet any customer’s needs.

Yukihiko Terakura is one such customer.  He took his RS-Takagi built R33 out to Suzuka to see how it would fair in a round of testing.  Unfortunately, the car wasn’t able to put in any competitive times due to some minor issues. 3’03.xxx lap times allude to mechanical problems early in the day.  The 500 horsepower RB26 powered Skyline, in the past, has clocked a best time of 2’17.282 around Suzuka, so as you can see they were way off pace.  I don’t find my way out to Nagoya too often, but I would like to try and find out more information about this car.

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