Event: 2022 Haruna Rotary Meeting – Gunma Sports Complex

Late in the month of May, Summer has started to show its true colors in Japan.  With temperatures already pushing well into the 30’s, it’s time we say farewell to the cold mornings at the circuit, and face the cold reality that we won’t be racing anytime soon.

However, Summer also means that more casual forms of motor sport enjoyment come into the light; car meets!  Although a bit out of our wheelhouse here at NDF, attending car meets give us a chance to catch up with friends and drivers, and get some good visual inspiration for next season. With gatherings becoming more and more normal once again, there seems to be an influx of activities to attend.  One interesting meeting we came across was the Haruna Rotary Meeting hosted by Dz Racing Cafe Garage.  2022 would be the third annual Haruna Rotary Meeting, but the first held at the Gunma Sports Complex and Ikaho Skating Rink.  Interesting because this year they would be holding a drift exhibition around the actual skating rink.

While not as large as the Rotary Spirits meeting held annually on July 7th, this meet still had a good amount of enthusiasts in attendance. While there was a bit of variety, the FD seemed to dominate the lot as the most popular chassis. Enjoy the photos.

The drifting exhibition consisted of only 4 drivers, but very talented ones holding some low speed, very controlled drifts around the ice rink.

Yasuhiro Ando was one of the four drivers in the drift exhibition.  He’s been putting a lot of work into this build, seems like he enjoys drifting a lot these days.

Attack regular Kuroda and his Bar 11 x Real Tech RX8 build.  He was parked next to the Eightlien RX8 who has been getting closer and closer to the sub 1 minute range at Tsukuba.

Tsubame’s very clean FC on Gab Sport wheels.  Although a very mild build, her FC is among one of the most well kept we’ve seen.


The 6-rotor Cosmo built by Anniversary Racing Factory, nicknamed the ’39B’.  It’s made up of 3, 13Bs mated together with a custom eccentric shaft and rotor housings.  TWM ITBs intended for a Porsche flat-six are used in conjunction with a nitrous fogger, to theoretically put the power output around 1000hp.  The car debuted at Tokyo Auto Salon, but I’m not sure if it was running or not.  The car looks completely stock from the outside, so…just use your imagination.

This FD had some very unique styling with FEED front bumper, GT3 fenders, and a RE Super GReddy rear, sitting on Watanabes.

Don’t see that too often.

Takumi’s Panspeed equipped FD.


  1. the wingless grey one with white rollcage is so on point!

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  3. JustaFormer11B

    Man… what I’d give to have the PanSpeed kit that Takumi has but on a Montego Blue FD3S with Bronze wheels. That yellow is awesome though. For yellow, it is very tasteful and not too overstated.

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