Product Spotlight: Bride Japan ZETA IV – Dogfight SPL Version

With the recent release of the Dogfight SPL ZETA IV, we are excited to officially announce our first collaboration with Bride Japan.  Our unique design is the end result of an 8 month project with the Japanese seat manufacturer.

Towards the end of 2021, we began talks with Bride for the initial design of what would become our signature line of seats.  After a few meetings and design alterations, we arrived at our final design; a subtle, classic take on the new ZETA IV that ties in our companies long standing aesthetic.

BRIDE’s core values, as a brand, are parallel to our own.  BRIDE seats are the first seats produced in Japan to be licensed by FIA, and they have a total of 9 models which can be used in international races, one of which we will be offering soon in a limited capacity. In order to maintain and improve product quality to pass safety benchmarks and strict FIA strength tests, BRIDE conducts thorough management of its manufacturing process.  Quality and safety can be guaranteed, important aspects when it comes to racing seats.

At BRIDE, the words “Made in Japan” indicate a trust developed by Japan over many years and it has become a quality that is recognized around the world. These words show the face of a manufacturer, and imply Japan’s unique fine skills, abundant creative power, and commitment to refined hand-made technology and sensitivity.

The Dogfight SPL ZETA IV features dual Dogfight embroidered logos both front and back, the Bride Low Max embroidered logo in our signature Japanese Blue, Grey double stitching, and the new carbon pattern fabric shoulder on the shoulder bolster.

The all black material is universally matching in most car interiors, and the silver FRP shell compliments the grey stitching along the seat’s bolsters and sides.

The Dogfight SPL ZETA IV is an FIA approved model (FIA8855-1999) and can be used in international formality races and competitions.







We test fitted the new seat in the shop FD to see how it would look installed and we’d like to think it’s the perfect match for this car; especially with the silver interior paint color.  Granted I don’t have door cards on this car at the moment, but even per Brides website, the ZETA IV is said to be compatible with the RX7.

The ZETA IV is compatible with the following Bride seat rail types: FB, FG, FK, FO, FX, and IG.



This seat will be available to order on the online storefront on July 22nd at 10am PST.

A couple notes for Friday’s launch:

  • Seats are sold individually, if you’d like to purchase a pair, please add (2) to your cart. 
  • Shipping is calculated based on location.  Keep in mind that shipping seats is very expensive, especially for international customers.  If you are local, we do offer pick up by appointment.  However, you still need to checkout and pay for shipping initially.  Once your item is picked up, we will be able to refund the shipping cost.
  • We have a limited amount of seats in stock for the launch, but we have a second shipment already in route scheduled for late August.

    • Once our in-stock units sell, we will continue to allow seats to be sold in the second batch.  If you purchase a seat that falls in this category, you will be emailed shortly after.

    • If your order is in-stock, you will receive tracking once it ships (5-7 business days)

We have a third shipment already in production for those that miss out on this initial launch.  The third shipment will include ZIEG IV Wide and XERO MS versions of our seat.  We will not be selling these as pre-order due to continued shipping delays throughout the world, however if you’re interested in reserving a seat, please email us.

If you have any questions please email us through the contact page on site.

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