News: Tsukuba Circuit TC2000 Top Time Rankings

Tsukuba Circuit’s TC2000 course has been hailed as the birthplace of time attack.  Drivers around the world use the circuit as a benchmark for speed in the motor sport.  With the adaptation of modern tuning methodology and tire development, times at TC2000 have never been falling faster.

We’ve collected and compiled data for the top times at TC2000.  We will do our best to update throughout each Attack season as times are improved and records are broken.

Please check back frequently as we will also work on adding information to the database in time to include specific records held, tire use, one-off events and various reference times as we see fit.

update! 2023 feb 18

please click image for full size database



  1. Can’ Wait! Thank you, it’s actually pretty hard to keep up with all the new times being posted.

  2. Justin Wang

    Cayman is in FR class?

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