Event: Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 – Race Cars And Other Stuff

Japan’s premier aftermarket automotive showcase, Tokyo Auto Salon, kicked off the new year as enthusiasts from all over the world flocked to the halls of Makuhari Messe once again to experience the epicenter of Japanese automotive tuning.

Having attended the show a total of 8 times on and off since 2009, I’ve grown to have a more open outlook on the experience that comes from TAS.  While going to car shows isn’t how I prefer to enjoy motor sports, Tokyo Auto Salon is a great way to stay up to date on new products and shop demo cars.  So now, when I attend shows like these, I only try to photograph aspects of it that fit into our niche, and just enjoy the experience that everything else provides.

This year I attended on Friday, having gotten approved for a media pass I was able to go a bit earlier in the day; which was nice not only because the crowds were a bit lessened, but I had to be at Tsukuba on Saturday morning.

Like similar shows around the world, TAS is in recovery from the past 3 years of closures and restrictions, showing a markable improvement in attendance from 2022.  However, they have a ways to go to make up the ground.

Look at the numbers on this press release that TAS sent out after the weekend:

In contrast, 2020’s total attendance was marked at 336,000 which was a record for the history of TAS.  No doubt the increase in attendance this year was due in part to more relaxed tourism visa’s, but a 30% increase year over year is still pretty significant.  I can assure you, having attended in 2020 also, that the difference between 179,000 people and 336,000 people is honestly not noticeable when you’re shoulder to shoulder.

When I arrived to Makuhari, I checked in with media registration, and proceeded to the main halls.  I spent about 4 hours walking from hall to hall doing my best to capture what caught my eye.  I can honestly say I missed a few things (I walked right past the LC500h Super GT demo on the backside of the Rays booth), but I think you’ll enjoy what we captured.

Enjoy the photos //

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