Video: Create The Racing Power – The Pit Road M M7SL FD3S 80R PV

Last week, my wife and I made the drive from Osaka to Himeji, in Hyogo, to visit the boys at Pit Road M; a shop that has been on my list for quite some time. If you know me, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of RH9 – both in idea and what it stands for; it is the group I emulated to create the Frontrunners Group.

Pit Road M, and it’s owner Yukihiro ‘Bruce’ Morishita, have been a staple of RH9 and Japanese tuning for years. I had been in advance talks with the tuning chief at Pit Road, Miwa Tsuyoshi, to set up a photoshoot of Takashi’s FD for 80R Volume 3. The entire group was extremely accommodating and reinforced my good impressions of Pit Road M, Morishita-san, and RH9. Kakoi Takashi’s M7SL FD3S is among the fastest RX7’s in Kansai, and quite possibly Japan. The development that has gone into the build by the RH9 shop Pit Road M, is second to none, and has allowed Takashi to lap Central Circuit in an impressive 1’16.505 in April of last year (2022). That time puts him in the top 5 at CC, behind Fire Ando’s insane 1’10.623, and Seyama’s R32 GTR (by a tenth).

In 2018, the side port 13B made 553ps on high boost with 415 ft pounds of torque (57.3kg/m) using an HKS GT-4R turbine.

Look for more in Volume 3 of 80R // ETA Summer 2023

This car is currently for sale – contact Pit Road M for information //

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