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Video: Create The Racing Power – The Pit Road M M7SL FD3S 80R PV

Last week, my wife and I made the drive from Osaka to Himeji, in Hyogo, to visit the boys at Pit Road M; a shop that has been on my list for quite some time. If you know me, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of RH9 – both in idea and what it stands for; it is the group I emulated to create the Frontrunners Group.

Event: Wekfest 2012 – Fort Mason, San Francisco v.2 – back story

So I had my first chance to look at my opening post on Wekfest SF, and it looks as if all the pics are grossly under-saturated. I think this might be a result of the monitor I processed them on. I was staying at my friends place in East Bay, so I took advantage of my time there to throw together that first post. I wanted to get the first post out because I wasn’t sure about how much time I’d have when I got back home.  In hindsight it looks like I should have held off! His monitor settings may have had the saturation and contrast way up, so I tried to compensate.  Oh well, it’s a little too late to change them now, but this next round of pics should look much crispier.  Anyway, like I said in the first post, this second round of coverage will be much less cookie cutter.  Shooting car shows can get a little boring – so if there’s no story, it’s just a photo dump.  I found my ‘lost’ CF card that had my shots around the city on it, including all the great places I ate at this weekend.  I’m no stranger to San Francisco; as I used to fly there every week for about a solid 6 months in a row.  This post will include some shots of the day before Wekfest.  My coverage will probably end up being around 4 or 5 posts worth – so there is still plenty more!  Click past the break to check out my view.