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Encounter: トトまるエボ6 – Pretty In Pink

Don’t worry; I’m still alive.

After the dust had settled from the store opening with the new shirt and pre-sale of the tech jackets,  I ended up taking (almost unconsciously) a week break from the site.  During my absence I was reintroduced once again to just how finite time is.  The few hours a day I had set aside for the website were definitely not thrown into the leisure category; well, maybe a few.  But instead, they were reallocated into a combination of my day job, travel, shop work, my day job (did I already say that?), relationships, and probably a whole bunch of other things that makeup life that I can’t even remember.

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Encounter: Shaft Auto Service ER34 Gallery

Back in November we took a close look at the Shaft built ER34 Skyline at the Attack event at Tsukuba; you can check that article out here.  Being the immense admirer of four-door Skylines that I am, I shot a whole bunch more photos of it at Battle Evome this year.  After talking to Suzuki personally about the car, I gained a whole new level of respect for the build.

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Encounter: Car Shop Dream FD3S

Hailing from the cold North of Hokkaido, FD specialists Car Shop Dream can claim the rights to one of the most unique looking FD’s in Japanese time attack.  As you would imagine, due to the distance, it’s not often that Kurokawa-san and his team get out to Tsukuba.  As a result, they don’t get as much seat time at the track as some of the other locals.  Despite this, Kurokawa has piloted his 600whp build to a personal best of 57.880.  Ultimately, after achieving times more close to the 55 second range at Tsukuba, he’d really like to shoot for competing in WTAC.  The car is an ongoing project, so who knows?  Check out some pictures past the break.

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Encounter: チームT.F.Rスープラ

Senkichi has modified his JZA80 specifically to handle the variety of turns at Tsukuba.  Each modification that he chose was specifically tailored for TC2000.  The engine’s drive-train has been upgraded and the bottom end built to handle the extra boost from the T78 turbine.  Transmission gearing has been modified to put the car in the exact power range needed for each turn.  Check out the results below.

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Close-Up: オートソニックFC3S – The Circuit Samurai

‘Motobei’ jokes that, back when he bought this RX-7 in December of 2007, he did so with the intent of using it as a daily commuting car.  Like so many of us have experienced, our intentions get brushed aside real quick when we start modifying our daily drivers.  As was the case with the Super Now/Auto Sonic FC3S.  A car that, ironically enough, can no longer be legally used on the street.  With a personal record at TC2000 of 56.495, motives aside, there’s no doubt that the path that the samurai has taken with this car has paid off – big time.

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Encounter: Quality over Quantity – Garage Peaks S13

Every once in awhile I’ll come across some new faces at Tsukuba that really catch my attention.  In most cases though, just because they’re new to me, doesn’t mean that they’re new to the circuit.  The Garage PEAX Silvia is one such example and the it’s high 59 second lap times at Tsukuba proves this fact.  Taking a little bit deeper look into the build reveals a car, and an owner, who have been gradually making changes to achieve the goal of a sub-minute lap time at TC2000.