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Gallery: HKS Demo Cars – Super Lap Battle

Back in November I had attended Super Lap Battle at Buttonwillow, not to cover the event, but more or less just to hang out with friends and chat about racing.  It’s nice to reserve my local events for spectating and socializing rather than work, however there were a few cars in attendance I wanted to grab a couple photos of.

Close Up: Mugen FN2 (European Type-R)


Thought I’d break up the photos from the 2011 Mugen Circuit Challenge with a closer look at Mugen’s attempt at the Honda FN2; Europe’s offering of the Civic Type-R.  I remember when this model was released it garnered mixed opinions among the Honda community.  After giving it a few years to soak in however, I think I kinda like it.  Not only is it a very unique chassis design, it seems to be quite rare as well.  Let’s check out how Mugen modified it.