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Feature: A Test of Time – Hiroshi Amemiya’s Garage Mak S15

I had the real pleasure of shooting Ame’s car underneath the Yokohama Bay Bridge back in 2014 before the Winter Cafe.  Back then we had talked a bit online, but that was the first time I met him in person, and being a bit humbled at the time, wasn’t really up to asking many questions.  Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to stay in touch, and continue our friendship from a distance. The car has also undergone some fairly dramatic changes, so when I visited Nagano at the end of last year, I jumped at the chance to photograph the car again in it’s evolved state.  This time, I had the intentions of re-writing an article not just about the car, but about the owner as well.

Feature: The S2000 With Two Lives To Live


Behind most cars, there are stories to be told.  Some are your ordinary, every day type of stories that happen to the majority of people.  I’m sure we all have lot’s of memories that are centered around our vehicles; but I doubt that they are quite as intense as the story that surrounds this particular S2000.  Why?  Because this one was at one point engulfed in flames.  Has your car ever been on fire?  Didn’t think so.  This beautiful S2000 belongs to Nhan Doan, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at Wekfest LA, where he was showing his car for the day.  I liked his car so much I asked if he wanted to snap a few pictures for NDF after the show.  He happily obliged and around 5 or so we headed to Ballade Sports, where he was to drop off the car for a new tune that week.  I was hoping to have the new website up by now, here, and have this post as a sort of ‘kick-off’ of the new layout, but as you can see it seems to be taking me longer than I thought.  So, good news for all the fans I suppose, you get it early!  Click past the break to learn more about this true fighter of a S2000.

Close-Up: RE-雨宮 NA Super-7


OK, everyone close your eyes.  On the count of three, open them and bestow upon yourself one of the most intense RX-7 builds to date.   Ready?  OK, 1…2…3…open!  You peaked didn’t you?  Anyway, pick your jaws up from the floor so I can continue this post.  Every time I think this guy has outdone himself, he comes through with yet another build for the books.  The RE Amemiya built NA Super-7 is hands down one of the greatest FD builds I’ve seen to date.  The beauty, of course, lies in the extensive body work that Isami Amemiya is known for.  Click past the break to get up close and personal with the curves – courtesy of JDM Clips.

Close-Up: Massimo Power 696 Evolution


I’ll admit, while there were many great builds at MOD this year, there weren’t too many that were built for full track dedication.  Maybe that’s why this particular one caught my eye as a possible feature.  I really can’t tell you much about it though – I couldn’t find the owner anywhere.  It may be built with the assistance of Massimo Power; a specialist in EVO tuning.  So for a few minutes, disregard my lack of knowledge, grab the popcorn and enjoy the crispy shots I snapped of it past the break.