Video: Visiting Garage Mak in Nagano – S15 Type 6 Delivery

This past weekend I headed to Nagano to photograph my friend Tsubaki’s new S15 delivery. He had the car fixed and fitted with the new Garage Mak Type 6 front end. While I was there, we take a close look at Amemiya’s 1,000+hp S15 at the shop, and I also took some photographs of our friend Masato’s DIY S13.

Starting from Misato, Saitama at 6am, I took local trains to Tachikawa Station and boarded the limited express train ‘Azusa 75’ boudn for Matsumoto Station, in Nagano. I also bought a ‘Green Car’ ticket on the way there, which is a bit nicer, reserved seating class, so I good get some good train video. I included some extra at the end for anyone interested in just relaxing and watching the scenery.  Enjoy – photos and article to follow.

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