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Video: Visiting Garage Mak in Nagano – S15 Type 6 Delivery

This past weekend I headed to Nagano to photograph my friend Tsubaki’s new S15 delivery. He had the car fixed and fitted with the new Garage Mak Type 6 front end. While I was there, we take a close look at Amemiya’s 1,000+hp S15 at the shop, and I also took some photographs of our friend Masato’s DIY S13.

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This past week a couple good friends from Japan came to Los Angeles to visit; two of them for the first time ever.  Among them was my dear friend Takashi Sekinei, someone who’s helped me countless times during my time in Japan.  We were all pretty excited to finally introduce them to everyone here in Southern California, especially since most of the guys from the shop have talked to Sekinei one way or another online.  Jay and I put together a little pot luck at our shop and invited a couple people over for a low-key Sunday evening.  After cooking I snapped a couple pictures I thought I’d share.