Video: Auto Rescue Izu FD Collection

At the beginning of my road trip to Mie Prefecture, I decided to make a detour down to the Izu Peninsula to visit my good friend Ando. Ando operates Auto Rescue Izu, a wrecker/tow service in Shizuoka. Over the past 2 years he had built a new shop to house and work on his personal cars.

The cars here are often posted on the website, but it was cool to see the G719 rebuild he’s doing. That car has a lot of history in the RX7 world. We got to chat for a few hours, had some nice local coffee, and watched some old Mid Night and Option YouTube videos with Ogi-san.

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  1. Saw his time attack FD being worked on at the SCOOT rotary shop in Atsugi (Nov 2016?) Good times.

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