Video: Kansai Region Time Attack – Esprit and K1

Last week I made my way down to the Kansai Region of Japan for a few photoshoots I had lined up. Our first stop was at Esprit where I met our friend Sugikou-san. I wanted to photograph his Supra again for 80R because a lot of time has passed since our original shoot at Suzuka Circuit.

There were a few changes on the car, and in general I now have a better idea of what I want for Volume 3; the best option was to take the time to do it again.

The day after Esprit, I made my way to Nara Prefecture to meet up with Nishda-san. Nishida runs the automotive shop ‘White Nuts’ in Nara – I’m sure the name is familiar to fans of the S2000. The night before I was messaging my friend Mayumi at K1 Lab about being in the area, and she helped set up the shoot with Nishida. The two cars, while both S2000s, are very different from one another. The yellow one is naturally aspirated with a Hewland sequential with paddle shifters and a full J’s Racing Kit. The blue one is sporting a full Voltex aero kit, has an HKS supercharger and sequential transmission.

You may remember another K1 tuned Voltex S2000 a few years ago that had white and black striped livery. These are two different cars – the one that had the white and black livery is actually for sale now.

Enjoy!  More to come on the site.

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