Video: Dogfight Attack Meeting – Autopolis Circuit

Last week we held a small get together at Autopolis International Racing Circuit in the Oita Prefecture of Kyushu. I had 3 photoshoots for 80R scheduled for this particular weekend trip down south, however a few could not make it last minute.

Despite that, it was a fun trip that allowed me to reconnect with old friends, and meet a lot of new ones. I want to thank Suematsu for his help in organizing the meeting.

Last time I was in Autopolis was in 2019 to attend the Super Lap that got cancelled due to snow, so it was nice finally getting to see the circuit up close. I even got to take an exhibition lap around the track in Nozaki’s FD, which gave me a much more realistic view of the circuit. It’s now a short term goal of mine to be able to drive this track one day.

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