Video: Nikko Circuit Testing – Sakamoto Engineering and Bunzou Racing

The Monday after Attack Tohoku, Sakamoto had planned on heading straight to Nikko Circuit to continue testing on Masahiko’s RX7 and the shop’s newest GR86 demo car that they’re using as a test bed for the new Apex’i product line. Since I was in Tochigi and pretty close to Nikko, I decided to meet up with Haji and them to hang out for the day.

Early in the morning they verified that indeed the 13B had blown, confirming their suspicions from the power loss during the last super lap of Sugo. So the FD went back to the shop early while Hiroki stayed and got in many laps behind the wheel of the GR86, dropping into the 39 second range.

Later in the morning, Spoon Sports Super Taikyu driver, and friend of NDF, Yasunori Nakajima, stopped by to get in some seat time with his personal S2000. Recently the S2000 has changed from a high-power, turbo engine setup, to an almost stock N/A. Despite running on almost 2 year old A050, he was able to get into the low 37’s; which by Nikko’s standards is extremely quick.

I didn’t have any particular plans for the day, so I just hung out and filmed some of the scenes as I saw them. It turned out to be a pretty chill day at a mostly empty race track.  We’re still working through our photo coverage from Attack Tohoku, so in the meantime please enjoy the video and photos from Nikko.



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Nakajima testing out his new digital pressure gauge on the old Advan A050.




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